Hurricanes Harvey & Irma Relief Effort — ARDFC

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have caused catastrophic damage to South Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

How can you help? ARDF is partnering with Bishop Clark Lowenfield of the Anglican Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast. Based in Houston, Bishop Clark will be coordinating the relief effort among churches in the region. Once the weather has passed, they will make an assessment of the ACNA communities in the flooded areas and begin to distribute the aid we are receiving now. Join the relief effort regarding Hurricane Harvey with the Anglican Relief & Development Fund Canada.

ARDF is also partnering with several Anglican Dioceses to help get relief to people affected by Hurricane Irma: the Diocese of the Gulf Atlantic, based in Jacksonville, FL, The Anglican Diocese of the South, based in Atlanta, GA, and the Diocese of the Carolinas, based in Pleasant, SC. At the moment, you can only donate regarding Hurricane Irma via the General ARDF Website.